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to Team Coal Region Motorsports. We are a tight group of guys and gals who just can't get enough cars and racing. Track us and the regions we race in throughout the season through our site with photos and video.

Philly Autoshow 2009 and Other Update
By: Adam Koback

Sunday, February 8, 2009
So it has been quite some time since I've updated the site. Our final victory of the year was with the NEPA Region, we took home the NEPA STS Championship for the year. Next years plans are so far up in the air, up the season will not take place in the Saturn. More details to come on that.

We recently headed down to the Philly Autoshow at the PA Convention Center. That was a blast. The photos from this event are posted at the link below until we finalize the 2009 website.

Philly Autoshow Photos 2009

2008 ASCC STS Championship
By: Adam Koback

Friday, October 31, 2008
Well what a great showing down Hershey this weekend. Saturday was insanely wet, and both afternoon heats were rained on pretty heavily. Adam brought home the 2nd place STS trophy on this day, mostly due to worn tires, and a total lack of traction and braking.

Sunday came around and the car was in a whole different world. Grip again was insane, and the car was transitioning better then ever. We took home 1st place in STS on Sunday, and took victory of the ASCC STS Championship for 2008.

We have posted all of our pictures and videos. The videos include some super cool slow motion video from the really fast slalom near the finish line on Sunday. I was very eager to do some of this video and I think it came out great. The results are also posted.

This weekend we are off to the Schuylkill Mall in Frackville, PA to finish off the NEPA season. This will most likely be the final event of the year for the Team-CRM team as we go into hibernation getting things ready for next season. We still are unsure of what the plans are, or what we may try. Keep checking back for updates as we start on our plans. See you all in Frackville!!!

Some Updates
By: Adam Koback

Thursday, October 16, 2008
Finally getting some time to update this place on the recent happenings. All of the results pages are up now, and videos from Frackville on October 5th are posted. We brought home the sts win, and pax wins both the Brodart and Frackville event, and secured the NEPA STS Championship. We have also learned that the Susquehanna Region STS Championship has become ours as well.

Next up for Team-CRM will be the double event down Hershey next weekend, October 25 and 26. This will be the finisher to what has been an awesome season so far, only taking in 1 loss the entire year. There will be a number of members there from SixthSphere that are experience, and some just getting their geet wet. I can't wait!!

Also, in November, STC-PA will be having a picnic in Quakertown at the Red Robin. It will be on November 8th in the afternoon, and we'll be going bowling after. If anyone is interested in this, shoot me an e-mail and I'll give you the low down on what's going on.

Hope to see everyone down Hershey, and hope it's not too cold hahah.

Adam's Hot Streak
By: Adam Koback

Sunday, August 24, 2008
Wow what a wonderful couple of week we have had here. Last week we ran Saturday and Sunday down PA State Championships and swept the top spot in STS both days. Adam has just about locked up the STS Championship down in the Susquehanna Region with those wins.

Today, we traveled out to Central PA to run at the Mid-State Airport and what a time we had. The course was amazingly fast. Thanks goes out to Ron Dotts for that one. Took 1st in STS, and also a respectable 2nd place PAX finish by a tenth of a second. Videos are now posted, but we are still waiting on the results to come in. Look for those shortly.

Also the videos from PA States are posted along with the combined results.

Next event for us will be Luzerne County Comm College in Nanticoke, PA on August 31 with the NEPA Region. Hope to see all of you there as the NEPA Season starts to come to a close.

Farm Show Update
By: Adam Koback

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
What a good time this weekend. Got to hang out with some friends again, share some stories, break some cars, all in a days work hahah.

On to the event, Saturday had a fairly technical, but open course. Adam brought home the 1st place trophy on this one. Sunday, brought a much more open course with much higher speeds, along with more pinching corners. We just could not muster up enough to get the win though, and suffered out first loss of the 2008 season to Ian in the Red Nissan. Ian was toying with a brand new set of Toyo's, and it seems like that may just be the way to go now. Time will tell however.

We also met up with Travis and Tyler. Tyler only ran on Sunday but finished well enough to take 3rd in STS. Travis in a much underprepped car took home a believed 3rd place on Satuday and 4th place Sunday. Well done to the two of you.

Videos and photos are already posted, but we are still waiting on results.

And that concludes the wonderful 2 day event. This weekend NEPA will be running at the Shop Rite Center in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I however will be on vacation running up and down Rt-129 in North Carolina/Tenn. with the Saturn Tuner Club. I cannot wait!! Look for lots of photos and video from this great event. See you in 2 weeks.

CRM Full Force in Park City
By: Adam Koback

Thursday, June 5, 2008
Well the STS half of Team-CRM was in absolute full force on Sunday as they took the 1 - 2 positions in STS. The entire team is proud of Tyler's progress over the season. The margin of victory between 1st and 2nd was just over half a second. Huge gains. A major car setup change, and a driver attitude change has sparked the incredible results. Look for Tyler to be running very close to the top near the end of the season.

There are videos of both posted, as well as a wealth of pictures. The results have also been posted.

This weekend I am headed up to Watkins Glen for the Rolex 6 Hours, and the Speed Touring/GT races. I'm really looking forward to it, and keep your eyes open for some updates from that race on Monday.

Next event for us will be Frackville, PA on March 15th where every member of Team-CRM is going to be in action for the first time ever. It should prove to be a super interesting event, and we hope to captue a 123 in STS, and bring home the STX victory as well.

CRM Takes Hold of Frackville
By: Adam Koback

Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Well Sunday of May 4th was an absolute blast. The day went absolutely perfect for Adam and the STS Saturn. All day knocking off time, and laying down some killer runs a strong finish. We took home 1st place in STS and a 2nd place PAX to the D-Stock Neon of Charles Koulic.

Video, results, and pictures are all on the media page. Gotta give a special thanks to John Belfiore for coming out and capturing some incredible photos of everyone. There is also some very interesting video from this one.

Next event we'll be headed to Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke, PA for NEPA SCCA's 3rd Event of the season. Hope to see everyone there!

Updates on the Season
By: Adam Koback

Saturday, May 3, 2008
So, sorry for the lack of updates lately. All the content has been getting updated, but I just have no had time to get on and do some writeups. So far for this weekend we avoided a major bullet when the STS SC2 started making really strange noises on Wednesday. It turned out to be something rather simple and no what we dreaded.

So the car will be at the Schuylkill Mall on Sunday with the NEPA Region. We also took 1st place at both Hershey events a few weeks back, and also 1st place NEPA's first autox of the season. Also this past weekend, STC-PA had it's break into summer picnic. There are pictures and videos from all 4 events posted.

Hope to see you all in Frackville tomorrow!!

04/06/2008 WDCR Solo 2 Practice
By: Adam Koback

Monday, April 7, 2008
Team-CRM finally has it's first autocross of the year in the bags. Although only a practice event, we had an absolute blast of a time down at FedEx Field. Adam was the only CRM member there, but we also met up with Travis and his friend Logan in Travis's 97 SC2 prepped for STS. After the first 2 runs of breaking in the tires, we really let the course have it for run 3 and 4, and dropped our time by over 2 seconds. Our final run of the day netted us a 53.5xx run, which propelled us furthur into the STS lead by just under 2.5 seconds.

Travis and Logan worked hard through the day as well, but in the end just didn't have enough tire to make up the difference.

We have posted our incar video and some photos from the event, but are still awaiting the results to be posted. They should hopefully be up sometime later this evening.

Next event for Team-CRM will be at Hershey Park this upcoming weekend for a 2 day event. Adam and Tyler will be doing battle both April 12 and 13. Hope to see you all there!!

1st Event of the 2008 Season Near
By: Adam Koback

Thursday, April 3, 2008
So, a last minute decision has placed the STS Saturn into the test and tune event this Sunday at the FedEx Field with the Washington DC Region. We look forward to meeting up with another of the STS Saturn's, driven by Travis Finaly. You may remember he took control of our 93 SC2 last season at a test down in Fredericksburg. We both look to put down a strong event, and hopefully bring home the 1 - 2 punch.

Look for lots of exciting pictures and videos from this event. We'll be there in full force for the day.

2008 NEPA Schedule Updates
By: Adam Koback

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
More schedule updates posted today. The NEPA Regions schedules has been almost filled. There is still 1 more TBA date. Columbia Mall and Schuylkill Mall locations have filled the remainder of the schedule.

2008 Schedules Posted
By: Adam Koback

Friday, March 7, 2008
Finally, our full 2008 schedule has been mapped out, and is now posted. Go on and check that out. See you at an event soon. Relaunch and Season Updates
By: Adam Koback

Thursday, March 6, 2008
I would like to personally welcome you to the new Coal Region Motorsports homepage. So far just about all of the pages havebeenrefinished. I am still in the process of adding the individual car and driver pages, and the photo/video pages will not be updated until after the first event.

Watch for the 2008 schedules to be posted very shortly as well. We are just waiting for some dates to be finalized and we will get that right up for you.

So I guess you are also looking on a little update to the upcoming season. It looks like I will be starting the year on March 30th at Camden Community College with South Jersey Region. Were just looking to get a little shakedown out of the way with the car, and make sure everything is set. After that on April 12 and 13 we'll be back to Hershey Park to run with the Susquehanna Sports Car Club in hopes of bringing home an STS win.

We look forward to seeing everyone again this season, and we especially look forward to putting the car all back together and getting it ready to run. Look for pics from our buildup starting on March 23.

Team-CRM Season Ends
By: Adam Koback

Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Looks like another year of SCCA Solo 2 action for the Team-CRM crew has come to an end. We ran out last event of the season on October 27 and 28, and are now calling it a season.

All the results are posted, and points standings update. Adam took 2nd place this year in both ASCC and NEPA in the STS class. It was a great learning year, and the Saturn is slowly picking up speed. We look forward to resting over the winter, and coming back strong next season.

Over the winter look for a major update of the website. We might experience some downtime in December as we convert the site over to the brand new format.

Catch you guys next season!!

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